Company History


Middlestown Engineering was formed by myself and my father Norman in January 1989. I was an apprentice trained toolmaker and my father had started his working life as a centre lathe turner. Initially we did work for the mining and railway industries, but the company also had a small but interesting sideline .....................

I had been racing 750cc Nortons since 1975. Now I had my very own engineering workshop, so, as I extracted more and more power from my engines, and the original cylinders, crankcases, cranks etc started to break, I designed and made my own. I would make small batches, use a few in my own engines and sell the rest to other racers.


This soon expanded and became the mainstay of our business, and since 1992 we have concentrated solely on my up rated Norton parts. Since 2001 we have invested heavily in CNC machinery; this has enabled us to keep up with increasing demand and keep our prices at a very reasonable level.